The sin is the most excellent invention to enslave the conscience and, among all existing oppressions, it is the one of greatest turbulence.  

It denigrates the mythical divinity and the humanity, both alike. The divinity, by making it act as legislator and punisher.  The humanity  because, by means of the original sin, mankind becomes sinner; this besides its personal sins. 

We must never say “I sinner”, this phrase  is an instrument of humiliation to bend our necks. 

The sin is a mythical stigma to legitimize the invasion in our intimacy, to control our lives and to destroy our self-esteem. It is an excuse to soteriology, a doctrine of salvation, that only exists in our imagination, but that force to enter in the church and become part of its fold. 

The sin is a tsunami, a hurricane, a tornado, used to devastate the divine and the human, and to vilify and frighten our lives.