WARRANT OF THE Templar, 14th, SEPTEMBER 1307




The minutes of exculpation the Vatican to the Order of the Temple.

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Philip, by the grace of God king of France, to our dear and faithful Lord of Onival, the gentleman Joan of Torville and the bailiff of Rouen, health and dilection.

A bitter thing, a deplorable thing, surely something horrible to think, terrible to hear, a detestable crime, an execrable crime, an abomination, a terrible disgrace, something quite inhuman, indeed alien to all humanity, has come to our ears thanks to the reports of many people worthy of faith, not without being moved with a great shock and make us tremble with violent horror; and, given its gravity, a huge pain grows in us all the more cruelly since there is no doubt that surpasses the enormity of the crime to be an offence to the divine majesty, a disgrace to humanity, a pernicious example of evil and a universal scandal. Surely the reasonable spirit suffers because of those who pass the limits of nature, and suffering, he is particularly troubled because of this people, forgetful of their principles, not educated on their condition, ignorant of their dignity, rich and given to reprehensible self-feelings, does not understand why they were in honor. These people are comparable to the pack animals devoid of reason, much more, shifting their irrationality by their astonishing bestiality, they expose to all supremely abominable crimes they abhors and from which the irrational beasts depart themselves. They have forsaken God, their creator, they have been separated from God, their salvation, they have abandoned God who has given them the light, forgetting God, their Lord and creator, they have been sacrificed to demons and not to God, these people without counsel and without advice (if only God were pleased they feel, understand and foresee this that has just started).

Not long ago, under the report from credible people that have been made, we reiterated that the brothers of the order of the militia of the Temple, the wolf hiding under the guise of the lamb, under the habit of the Order, they miserably insult to the religion of our faith and, in our day again, they crucify our Lord Jesus Christ already crucified for the redemption of mankind and they heap on him more serious injuries than those who suffered on the cross, when, upon their entry into the Order and after they made their profession, his image is presented to them and with an unfortunate, what say?, a miserable obfuscation, they deny it three times and, horrible cruelty, they spit in the his face three times; following that, stripped of clothing worn in secular life, naked, placed in the presence of the one who receives them or his replacement, they are kissed by him, according to the odious manner of their order, first below the spine, second in the navel and finally in the mouth, to the shame of human dignity. And after they have offended the divine law by such abominable tasks and detestable acts, they are bound, by the vote of their profession without fear of offending the human law, to deliver to each other, without refusal, for everything they are required, under the effect of horrible vice and frightening cohabitation. And therefore God's wrath comes upon those sons of infidelity. This unclean people have left people source of living water and replaced its glory by the statue of the Golden Calf and upon which they sacrifice to idols.

And here you are, among other things, what they do not fear to do, these treacherous people, reckless and abandoned to the worship of idols. Not only for their acts and their obnoxious works, but with their unforeseen speeches, they defile the earth with their obscenities, they eliminate dew benefits (sic), they corrupt the purity of air and they determine the confusion of our faith.

And although we had pain in the beginning of paying our attention to the holders of these so fatal rumors, assuming that they were coming from the livid envy, the sting of hatred, greed, rather than the fervor of faith, zeal for justice or feelings of charity, while the whistleblowers and the aforesaid complainants multiplied and the scandal took consistency, the aforementioned assumptions, serious and legitimate arguments and likely conjectures, fill a violent presumption and an assumption that led us to investigate the truth in this. After talking to our most Holy Father in the Lord, Clement, by Divine Providence sovereign pontiff of the most holy Roman and universal Church, after trying carefully to the most useful ways to inform and the most effective ways by which it could, in this case, clearly find the truth, as more broadly and deeply we examine it like probing a hiding place, the more severe are the abominations we find.

Therefore, we who were laid by the Lord on the lookout for real eminence to defend freedom of faith of the Church and we want, rather than the satisfaction of all desires of our spirit, the growth of the Catholic faith; view the previous and diligent research on the data made on the public rumor that our dear brother in Christ, Guillaume de Paris, inquisitor of heretical depravity, deputy from the Apostolic authority; seeing the resulting strong suspicion against these enemies of God, faith and nature and against those opponents of the social (sic), both on this investigation as other diverse assumptions, legitimate arguments and probable conjectures; complying with the requisitions of the inquisitor, who has made appeal to our arm; and, although some defendants may be guilty and innocent, given the extreme gravity of the matter, considering that the truth can not be fully discovered otherwise, a vehement suspicion has spread to all and that, if there are innocent, it matters them to be tested like the gold in the furnace and purged by the trial examination which is imposed; after the discussion meeting with the prelates, the barons of our kingdom and our other directors, as it has said above, they should be arrested, without exception, held prisoner and reserved to the trial of the Church, that all their movable and immovable properties to be seized, put under our hand and faithfully preserved.

That is why we charge and carefully prescribe in regard to the bailiff of Rouen, you to go personally, all or two of you and to arrest all the brothers of the Order without exception, to keep them prisoners, reserving them to the decision of the Church, to seize their properties, movable and immovable and to retain very carefully under your hands such seized properties, without cost and no devastation, according to our orders and instructions that have been sent to you under our password, until you receive there a new order from us. In addition, we give the order, by the bearer of these, to our faithful judges and subjects to obey you in an effective way and to be vigilant in relation to things above, together or separately, and to other things related to them.

Given in the abbey of Notre Dame-la-Royale, near Pontoise, the day of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the year of Lord one thousand three hundred and seven.